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When will my order arrive?

Estimated delivery date means sum of handling time and estimated delivery date of chosen shipping. Our handling time is 1 or 2 days after your payment.

Usually, standard shipping will take up to 2~3 weeks to most countries but it can take much more time to 3~6 weeks to some countries. And express shipping can take up to 3 or 7 days to all countries.

Please track your orders through presented tracking number on www.17track.net. If tracking information shows your order in your country, you can receive your orders soon. If not, please contact with us through email ( help@asoncompany.com ).


Will my shipment come with a tracking number?

Yes, all orders include a tracking number. You can track it on www.17track.net.

In some case, you can track it in your countries' post office.
For express shipping, you have to track it on its own website such as FedEx, DHL.


Which carriers will ship orders?

For standard shpping, post office will ship your orders.

For express shipping, FedEx or DHL will ship your orders. But in some countries, your orders can be shipped through EMS.


Where does KOREASTAGRAM ship orders from?

Most orders are processed at and shipped from our warehouse in Seoul, Korea. But some orders can be processed at and shipped from our warehouse in US, UK and AU.

You can know where your orders are shipped from through tracking number.


How can I quality free express shipping?

If you order over USD 200, we will ship your orders through free express shipping.
We will ship it through FedEx or DHL. In some cases, we can ship it through EMS.


If you still have any Questions
Please contact with us